At BCS Consult our prime objective is to work closely with Higher Education Institutions to assist them in achieving excellence and improved performance through strong leadership, governance,  strategic direction and profiling in a wide range of areas.

What we do

We advise on the design and implementation of strategy in higher education.  We assist with governance reforms, leadership development programmes.     

We evaluate and measure impact of national, EU and international policy in education, research and innovation at the  level.    We are regularly engaged in EU policy dialogues with other parts of the world. 

We deliver expertise to European associations and networks in higher education.  We provide management support and advice on professional practices in non-profit governing boards in the NGO sector.          

Some current or recent examples 

  • Report for the ministry of education in Kazakhstan on strategy formulation and implementation in universities in Sweden and in the United Kingdom
  • Evaluation of 66 EU-funded projects under the EDULINK I programme (LINK) with ACP Countries 
  • Evaluation for the EU Delegation in Thailand on enhancing university governance on the national scene (EU-Thailand Cooperation Facility Programme)
  • Study of the educational activities of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
  • Design of a Quality Review Tool to evaluate Erasmus Mundus Master Courses
  • Capacity Building Programme for Ethiopian Universities   
Come join us

Come join us

The EU-OECD Entrepreneurial Framework for Universities 

The EU-OECD Entrepreneurial Framework for Universities 

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