BCS Services

BCS assists with strategy design and implementation in Higher Education.   

We offer independent advice and solutions tailored to clients’ needs.  We assist with:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Governance and leadership
  • Capacity building and talent management 
  • Digital transformations
  • Evidence-based policy reviews and impact assessment  
  • Management of global education networks  

We assemble teams of specialists based on needs. We work closely with our clients adopting a consultative approach to shape solutions to clients' expectations. 

Strategic advice to higher education institutions

We assist higher education institutions in the design and implementation of fit-for-purpose strategies to bring about lasting transformational changes and improvement.  We work closely with senior management in setting realistic strategic goals for future development, building on the uniqueness of institutions.   We assist with:

  • Strategic advice to enhance excellence: strategy formulation and implementation
  • Change management and transformation
  • Leadership and governance
  • Institutional culture and engagement
  • Performance management and accountability

Research, evaluation and impact assessment

We provide research, evaluation and impact assessment based on clients' needs: 

  • Qualitative research: interviews, focus groups, case studies
  • Quantitative research: face-to-face or online surveys, data analysis, stakeholder consultation
  • Impact assessment
  • Identifying good practices through comparative benchmarking 

Management services to membership (international) organizations and associations in (higher) education

We assist with the entire network management from membership coordination, network management (executive committees), organisation of network events (international conferences, workshops), publications and EU funding applications.

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