European-wide networks of higher education institutions and professionals in higher education management 

  • Directed MODERN European Platform higher education modernisation (2008-2012) which brought together most associations in the higher education sector in Europe (40 partner organisations; EU-funded Lifelong Learning Structural Network Project

  • Directed EU-Drivers platform – universities driving regional innovation (2009-2012) which brought together academia, business and regional authorities (EU-funded Lifelong Learning Structural Network Project); close work with European Commission (DGEAC, DG RTD and DG Regio) for regional engagement and innovation under the Smart Specialisation Strategy 
  • Developing the EU Affairs strand of activities for EFMD,  a large Brussels-based association of 800 business schools and private sector companies promoting business education worldwide and well-known among others for the EQUIS accreditation of the business schools
  • Network Secretariat for the European-wide HUMANE, network of heads of administration is European universities